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Rebuilding Air Conditioning on 300SD

Last season I took all ac related parts out of the engine bay to save weight and space. to make a short story shorter, i ended up making the car very nice and feel ashamed to be driving around in a $90,000 dollar mercedes with my back sticking to the seat.

The ac compressor will be from an 84 300cd and i need to know if I need to order the stepped seal kit from fastlane. Which ac high pressure switch will i need? There seems to be several options for different pressures and different size threads. Are w123 condensors identical to w126? I have both and dont know which one is which (their both the same and im not sure if i have two w126 ones or two 123 ones). What brand of expansion valve should i buy? What about the drier? I plan to order the seal kit but is there any other little things ill need?

Im going to pnp tomorow to get ac hoses and probably a condensor. If I evacuate the system to 25 inches (im going to use engine vac ) should that be sufficient? refill with 134a and ester oil or craigslist some r12?

Im going to buy these parts from fastlane (******** is being dominated by URO parts and i refuse to put chinese parts on my german car) so I expect atleast a PM telling me which pressure and temps switches to get.

Thanks in advance
1981 300SD 512k OM603

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