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Shift lever--'89 560 SEL

Had a "no start" situation over the weekend that acted like a bad neutral safety switch. Took a final look last night before ordering bushings and switch and found that the shift rod bushings are in pretty good shape, but that the bushing that allows the shifter to pivot (and I think, attatches it to the tunnel) is very sloppy. I'm pretty sure this is the cause of my problem. Is this available separately or is it part of a system? Car does start now after jiggling the shift rod.

Also, from under the car it looks like it might be necessary, or at least easier, to make this repair from within the cabin. It appears as if the PO has glued down the burlwood trim on the shift console, which will likely turn disassembly into demolition. Anybody got a spare to sell? Thanks.
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