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I finally had a chance to inspect the leak from my power steering hose. It seems that this is common on this model. 2 cars that I looked at had been repaired.

From what I can tell, it is the hose that has the Banjo fitting (high pressure side?)to the steering box itself. I looked at all the other connections and all of them are dry. Leak started around 68 - 70 K miles.

My question is how the heck do you get to the box and remove the hose? Drop the Box?
Not a whole lot of room in there.

I was able to put a SnapOn 19MM box end on it and tightem a little, but don't think it will do anything. I noticed that there are copper crush washers on the fitting. Any thoughts or reasons why copper is used in some areas and aluminum is used in others?

Any help would be appreciated.


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