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Hello everyone,

Some of you might know of the interesting little trip I've taken with mercedes in the last 12 months. I purchased a CLK430 in Sept of 98 and it had a bunch of problems. The main ones were 2
1. Transmission would go into neutral by itself and sometimes would not engage again for 5-10secs or not at all. This was with normal driving under 35 miles a hour. The tranny would be in the D position and no rowing of the gears.
2. Transmission wouldn't downshift even when accererater was pushed 3/4s to fully down. It would stay in a high gear for a couple thousand RPM and then do a abrupt downshift 2 gears. If you kept the accerator down, it would hit redline and stay there! It wouldn't down shift. This seems to be the tranny going into limp mode where it senses something wrong and automatically goes into 2nd gear and wont go to any other gear.
Question is why is it going into limp mode?

Now I thought that the first CLK I got was a lemon. Mercedes gave me a 2nd CLK which had the same problems.
Finally I got totally disgusted and got an E55.

The E55 has had the 2nd problems a couple times which I could live with, but it also had the 1st problem last weekend.

anyone who has any knowledge regarding this problem let me know. Could one of you see if its a known problem for mercedes? Also have you heard of this before?

I don't know if mercedes didn't want to spend the money to fix this intermittent problem since they were putting the new tranny into the 00 models. But if thats the case, I'm seriously pissed.