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Yes Earl, there are two nylon pivot bushings for the shifter itself. Yes the repair has to be done from within the cabin. You will have to remove the shift gate entirely to access the bushings and yes, FastLane does carry the bushings.

To remove the wood panel:

Slide out the ashtray, remove the insert. You will see two phillips head screws, remove them. Now the whole ashtray drawer will come out. Once that is out, gently work the coin tray toward the dash and pull up, be sure to disconnect the seat heater switch as soon as there is room to do so. Next, gently, very gently, pry the wood panel toward the dash, after a few mm's the "L" shaped legs will come free and you will be able to lift the panel just enough to disconnect all the switches and remove the panel.

You may have room to access the four 10 or 12 mm bolts which hold down the shift gate. If not you will have to completely remove the center console, a PITA but I can talk you through that. There is one electrical connection to the shift gate for the "B" switch (mounted on the passenger side of the gate) and the indicator bulb at the left front corner.

You may also find that the wood panel has broken at the front edge, if so let me know. I have written up a "How-to" repair for this panel and can provide that.

Hope this helps.
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