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Col Tigwell and Engatwork,

Flushed the radiator. bled the system and the car no longer is running hot . Although I do for some strange reason do feel a slight miss at idle. DAMN,DAMN,DAMN. I did have this slight miss even before I did the head. Was so much hoping that the head job, would take care of this miss. Changed the seals and the holders on the injectors also while I was doing this job. 205k mi., maybe it's time for new injectors or maybe some Techron poured into the next fill up.

Next project is to take the car to a good tranny shop that knows MBZ. I still have a leak from the tranny that the last shop jerked me out of $600. Tranny shifts fine but it has a leak that the other idiot didn't find. I figured he was pretty good since I always saw MBZ, Bimmers, Lexus and Infinitis in his shop. After doing a more thorough investigation, they were all call backs because he never fixed the problems with those cars.

Wish me luck...
1986 300E
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