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Thanks again everyone. I'm really glad you like the styling choices I've made.

Benz-LGB...I got the 560 air filter housing from an on-line used MB parts shop for $125. I think I remember seeing something on the net saying a new 560 air filter housing was around $300 from a dealer so I just decided to go used instead. I have noticed some difference in performance. It's not a lot and I didn't expect a lot but it is there. I haven't tracked the mileage.

The shop where I get the car worked on has a Dyno, and I've been meaning to put it on there to see whats what. I'll do a run with and without the extra intake snorkel to see the difference....probably in the next few weeks.

Euro wipers: I bought the valance panels new, wiper arms new, and the wiper motors with mounting brackets used for a total of $175. I found that the shaft on the Euro wiper motors is shorter than the US. I Also found that the motors I received didnít bolt directly to the car chassis like the US....makes me wonder if I got the correct one's Anyway, the euro motors bolt onto the Euro headlamps perfectly and I had to by some longer bolts make some spacers and drill some holes in the chassis to bolt the other end of the bracket down....not that big a deal.

If the shaft on the US motors was shortened you could probably uses them with the euro mounting brackets. The motors would just have to be switched opposite their current side because the euro headlight wipers rotate the opposite direction the US version.

Hope this helps.
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