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Dang it, I forgot about the fresh air plenum (a large "Y" shaped piece). You will have to remove the center console completely. I posted a how to for this for Mattman, I'll dig up the link. As for the broken cross piece that has two screws to the shift gate - everyone I have seen has been at least cracked. The console I have in now is cracked as well. I have heard that some careful work with some hot strips of metal, like bailing wire, can be used to make a patch.

Super glue the center piece where it is broken at the screw holes, then heat a piece of wire and press it into the side of the plastic. Should hold together enough to secure the console and provide a solid attachment for the legs of the panel.

Send me an email Earl so I can email you the document (complete with pics - or at least links to them). It hasn't been posted to the DIY section yet and you're gonna need it.

EDIT: Read this to learn how to remove the console. It start about halfway down the page, be sure to study all the relevant posts.
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