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87 300D Halfshafts

I am going to be replacing one or both halfshafts on my 1987 300D with 235,000 miles. I have not seen or read many doing this on 124 cars. My reason, I can shake the drivers side axle and it makes a cracking or popping noise. Not too bad, but I believe its causing the vibration in the rear end that makes way to the gas pedal and steering wheel, especially after the car has been driven for a while (100 miles). The differential is weeping fluid out the drivers side and the pinion seal. Could it be part of the cause?

I've decided to get dealer parts (yes, they're expensive). Reading the 124 service manual it says that after 1991 centering flanges were used on the cars to improvement alignment. It goes on to say that half shafts without the centering flanges can be mated to diffs with the flanges, but not the other way around. I am concerned that I will get dealer half shafts with centering flanges that will not work with my differential.

Anybody encounter this before? I don't have the axles yet so I don't know if it'll be a problem.

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