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Originally posted by Michael
Great place to start is to track down some BG 44K to clean up injectors/combustion chambers/valves. Makes Techron look worthless. Also, replace your trans mount.

Those things done, let us know, and good luck!

FWIW, an M119 does NOT do that-when mine has fresh caps & rotors, the only way to tell its idling is to look at the tach
I called BG and then a local rep called me. He siad he could not sell it to me due, to lack of wholesale license. He referred me to Goodyear. Went there and they do not sell the BG44K itself alone. It comes in a pack of three which consists of the BG44K, intake manifold cleaner(special tool needed which, is not included either), and something else. It sold for $90. I don't think it is worth that much if, I am only using one of the three bottles.

Will try some fuel injection cleaner from Lubro Moly. I tried Techron and agree. It doesn't seem to do much if, anything at all.

The plugs are Bosch Super and are copper

As for the tach moving. I don't see it moving but, the vibration happens too fast or I just see the tailend of the tach moving. It moves but, ever so slightly.

Also, put some carb cleaner around the butterfly plate to, see if it got kind of dirty and resolve the problem. It did not do anything.

However, now it is setting off my check engine light occasionally. I think it is 17 short beeps. Is it code 17? Does anyone what this code means?

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