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Yeh, the orginal intent of the project was to get rid of a creaking noise when I turn the steering whell and seperately a clunk on decompression of right suspesion. So I thought to replace the idler arm bushings (got some good advice on that one) the exhaust is in the way. Therefore I was told to remove nut, puch bolt up, remove bottom bushing, with bolt pushed up wedge out the top bushing which should give me some play to wedge out he bolt. Will try this weekend.

I think I'll replace the struts, they are original and have 123k on them. I will take advice and only replace outside tie rods for now and steering damper (that part looks easy).

While I have the car up on stands and out of commission I am replacing the timing cover gasket (source of oil leak).

Overall things are going smoothly,

Thanks again for the great help and advice,
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