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I did not have a tiny, deep socket to remove the fasteners holding this bracket in place so I had to bend it out of the way to gain access to one of the transmission mount bolts:

The place I ordered several parts from sent me the two white bushings in error. I believe they're for the W124 car. I only needed the green bushing in the center:

Even though this green bushing did not appear to be "worn", replacing it made the shift lever in the car quite a bit tighter, all slack has been eliminated It's a bit tricky getting this little bushing re-installed - - I put some rubber lube on it to help get it back in place. It's made of a hard plastic-like material. It's not very flexible. Working under the car (and taking pictures) with minimal clearance is a PIA.

I realized this hard plastic lift pad was missing from my car after seeing it on the wife's '02 wagon. It is attached to a frame cross member, just to the rear of the oil pan:

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