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Yea I'll probably end up changing the thermostat out anyway...My worry is that with all of the up and down of the temps, I will end up blowing a gasket (although the trusty MB dealership techs keep saying that its made to withstand 120+ temps with no problem until it surges way past the redline!). I don't care what they say, just because it MAY be able to withstand it, why even put it thru that constantly? Can't understand it myself but it was like they wanted me to just drive the hell out of her without even paying attention to the temps because it can ''TAKE IT'' so to speak. I know these are superbly crafted automobiles, but I like to pamper my baby as much as possible to sustain a long (er) lifespan. Anyone besides Mike and I feel that the 560 runs normally at a steady 80-85 degrees tops or are there other 560 owners that run at 100+ constantly?

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