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Search under my name...Ive done the citrus flush twice and both times other components have been taken out, like the radiator, water pump etc. Im not saying dont do it, just be ready - anything that is on the edge of failure will be pushed over. Have your credit card warmed up and parts supplier ready forewarned :-)

In my opinion, if your cooling system is functioning properly, I would not do the citrus flush. Check the t-stat and radiator cap first!

For citric acid you need 2.2lbs to do it to the MB spec. I think 2 lbs is enough. You can get citric acid on ebay -

The details of the procedure are in the Factory Service manual. (I can send you the article if you do not have it - send me a PM) I think you want to make a 10% solution (dont quote me on that - its in the FSM procedure).

Oh and by the way, this is a miserable job in my book. Dirty coolant, acids, lots of water flushing, failure of components. Make sure you at least start off the day in a good mood.

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