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1994 E-320 Repairs from a Small shop

Hello all,

Just a request to review an estimate to repair 1994 E-320 MB from a local shop. Car has 68,000 original miles. Went to shop with a validated oil, trans and PS leak. Steering is kind of hard when car is idling slow. Have put about .35 L of PS fluid in about 3,000 miles on it. Bought car about a month ago.

- Engine upper timing cover reseal: $270
- Engine drive belt replacement $50 (with above work)
- Transmission front pump reseal: $800
- Power steering pump reseal: $200
- Brake fluid purge: $75.00
- Engine cooling system service: $85.00 (all hoses and water pump is original)

Total cost: $1480.00

Thanks in advance!
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