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Having trouble on exact location of relays/modules

Okay, I'm going to come back to the issue of the fuel pump relay location on this model ('93 400E).

The electrical troubleshooting manual (model 124 - vol 1) off of the service manual CD (page 00-B.2a - relay and control locations) references page B.2/4, figure 12, part K27, as the fuel pump relay module for model 124.034. This figure is showing the relay to be located under the backseat (passenger side) near the vacuum pumps. The relay that is currently there has a part # 001 542 96 19. I think Tim's post would concur with this.

I called Phil (fastlane/partsshop) to verify that this indeed was the correct relay. Phil said that the relay under the backseat is indeed the same relay "used" for the fuel pump relay but in this case (under the backseat) it is the aux. fan relay. He sent me a picture that shows the fuel pump relay being up in the engine compartment (in the center) near the firewall. The local MB shop also says it's in the engine compartment near the OVP (which this car doesn't have!

Help!! I want to make sure that we are looking at the correct relay! Why would the service manual give one location while the experts are telling me something different?

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