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i'd like to add my 2 cents here. i tried to do a favor for one of my customers...once. it seems no matter how hard you try to work with folks, there's always one who'll turn & bite you in the ass.

its much better in the long run to turn away a questionable job. at least you'll only get bad-mouthed for being uppity.

for the fellow who thinks that @ $90/hr you should wipe his ass, let me say this. I don't know of any 'indy' shop charging that rate. and, even if they did, it would take 16 billed hours per month just to pay the health insurance for our small shop!

in my previous life as a surf shop owner, many would ask the secret to my special method of board repair. i always replied with a request for a check for $100K. they invariably became indignant, but never stopped to think what it cost me to learn that method.

i guess the bottom line is this...if you want to save on the labor cost of repairs, open your own shop. next time you want to save money on your insurance, try asking your agent to fore-go their commission. The entire construct of a working capitalist economy is that i'll pay you for what you do & you'll pay me for what i do.
understand that these cars cost a lot of money to maintain and the cheap way out will usually result in a sub-standard car.
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