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Here's how I do it: jack side of car up and remove wheel. Keep jacking car up higher until your jackstand will fit underneath the A-arm. With jack stand in place underneath A-arm, jack car down until it is supported by the jack stand. Now remove the top 22mm bolt from the strut mount in bay. (strut arm will not move because of jackstand support). Jack car higher and you will see the strut arm start to recess out of the engine bay down below ... keep going until it is just underneath. (A-arm is fully supported and there is nowhere for the spring to go)

Remove the bottom 2 bolts and the plastic attachment and voila, strut is removed.

Pat's method sounds just as effective -- I'm sure there are many ways to do it. If you go slowly and carefully you can remove strut perfectly safely without compressing the spring.

Good luck!!


'91 300E, 212K miles

ps Make sure you replace the strut bellow (accordion) along with the rubber bump stop too.
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