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This topic had been debated to death before. But it's always interesting to me to see how consumers see nothing wrong with this idea of supplying your own parts. If nothing else, if I owned a shop, I wouldn't do it because if your brakes failed, you'd be suing the shop for faulty work, when it could possibly be faulty parts. If I faced that possibility, I'd want to supply the parts too, in fact I bet their insurance company requires it.

From the consumer prospective, why worry about saving 10% and get no warranty of service. Personally, I wouldn't spend $400 on labor and not have the tech stand behind his work so I could save $15-20 on parts.

My guess is, the first tech you spoke to didn't want your business for the reasons previously state, or he may have wanted to make sure the parts you wanted to supply were of proper fit and quality.

Fortunately, our free market economy offers options for all of us.

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