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500E Thrust arm

Whilst clearing out the back of my newly acquired 500E, I came across a new thrust arm with the MB tag on it part number A 124 333 00 05. The service CD was of no help but the dealer's parts book shows this to sit at the front of the car almost underneath the radiator lower tank. When I crawled underneath I found what I think are the two points that connect this missing link. There are 2 holes at each end of this "u" channel piece which are about 3/8" diameter and yet the 2 holes in the chassis are only about 1/4" diameter. The channel does not fit as there are 2 studs, with nothing fitted, that foul the holes for the strut in the chassis. Can anyone let me know if I really need this piece or can I do without it ? I cannot really see it's purpose but can make it fit if need be. As always, any help much appreciated . . .
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