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the bit about the $90/hr. rate is not out of context inasmuch as it goes directly to the griping so common in the posts here.

how many post can you count where the writer has stated how much he enjoyed paying the dealer rates and what a wonderful experience they had ?... this forum could easily be renamed ''.

most common theme i sense is that for the amount they( shop) charged, i did'nt get my money's worth, or something to that effect.

and forget all this 'trust' crap! if you walk into a shop with a bag full of parts & start to 'shop' the labor rate...what the hell is that?
all this has less to do with 'saving money' than it does with unreasonable expectations. primary among these is the notion that "i can afford to buy this car, but you should'nt".

the one and only good aspect of that loveable old fascist, Henry Ford, was that at least he acknowledged the right of his employees to buy the product they were making.

I re-iterate...If you don't like the cost of your own shop. when the checks start bouncing and the credit card payments get contested and you have to dig into savings to make up the imterim debits to your account, MAYBE, you'll start to get a sense of the true nature of the capital required to keep the doors open. if you're a shop owner and have not factored a myriad of things like this into your business plan, you'll close those doors in short order.
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