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'90 300SL A/C problems!

Hello all,

I'm working on a SL with some a/c troubles and I just can't seem to firgure it out.

The comp. won't come on and I tried to jump the low pressure switch and still nothing. I pulled the connector off the compressure and there are three wires. All of the cars I've worked on before have only had two wires, so I've just put power to the clutch to make sure the comp was ok.

I chased down which wire was a ground and then tried to put power to the other two wires one at a time the powering both and still no clutch action.

Am I looking at two problems or am I just checking this type of system wrong? Does anyone know where the relays or other possible controls for this system are? I can't seem to find the high pressure switch either.

The worst part about Mercedes is a lack of decent service manuals available to other then MB techs.

Thanks in advance!

Ron Kurzius
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