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Well, another day of the off again,on again thing with this coolant....Last night she ran fine all the way home (for about a 45 min commute in light traffic) but as soon as I pulled up she shot back up to 110+ and coolant leaked from the overflow and cap area. I topped her off and left her alone all night because of other commitments that prevented me from getting back to her.

This morning I topped her off again with the heater and car
running until the heater was blowing hot in which I added more coolant to the max level and took her out for our drive into work. On the way in she was at 82 as usual until I got about a block from the job. She went up to 100 steady and I noticed a smell of coolant and when I turned the heater on it was blowing very luke warm instead of hot.Sure enough, I parked and coolant is all over the ground again and bubbling around the cap (this time I did notice that the cap was not on tight as I was going to keep it off at first because it would run cooler longer with the cap off when I was just trying to get her to burp--tried it again this morning so...)

I just read about the block access and I'm wondering if that is for the 560 engine (because I've never had to use it before) and where exactly is the "accessable to fill" (so I can run out and see if I can find it) with coolant? I wonder if I should try one of those "flush and refill" places that have the systems to check the pressure, etc later on today after I exchange the expansion tank.What do you guys think? How long has it taken anyone here to change out their thermostat? It looks to be just as easy as the others I've replaced but looks time consuming (not that I won't take the time necessary to get my baby back in shape). Thanks again for the replies guys. Any others are welcome too at this point and could use all the help I can get.

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