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Just swap the motors

There are two. One for the headlights and one for the wipers.
Turn your park lights on and see if the headlights are wet after activating the washers. If they are, just swap the tubing and the connection at the motors. That's easier than moving the motors as you have to replace the rubber grommet in the reservoir because it will tear upon removal. Becareful not to break the "spout" off the motor as they willn probably be brittle with age and wear. On second thought getting that tubing off can be a beast, so go ahead and stop by MB and get yourself a couple of those grommets(They're from .50 to $2...don't ask me, I bought 1 from 2 different dealerships and that's what I paid), remove the motor, tubing and connector in tact, replace the grommet(If it breaks and falls inside no biggie, and swap the positions of the 2 motors. Who the hell really uses those headlight washers anyway!

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