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I put some Vavoline synpower fuel injector cleaner in my 300e and I messed up the ratio to fuel completely. I thought more is better. So I decided to go up a steep incline going at 110 mph to burn all the deposits out after filling up with some gas. Nothing got messed up but I would never do such a thing, again ever. You want fuel injector cleaner put chevron techron supreme fuel from the pump. Techron is much milder than the concentrates in the bottle and also better mixed. The two things that you could really be messing up are the o2 sensors and the cats. Once the gunk removed from the fuel injector arrives at the o2 it will most likely foul it up. Also the gunk could clog your cat. You could also be dislodging some deposits in your tank and fuel pumps that could easily destroy your fuel pumps. Good gas doesnt need to be supplemented with other things. Just my 2 cents.
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