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Well, I drove her around town during lunchtime for about 30 or so minutes stop and go (85 degrees outside) and she's stayed at 80-85 so she's acted right since I added the coolant from this morning. I called an indy MB shop buddy who says that sometimes they have just had to keep driving the 560's with the heater on to get them to act right after they flush and fill em for customers...He also says that the air pocket is more than likely right at the thermostat (what they've found) I'm taking it by there now and will be having her checked for head gasket,etc if by the time I do everything it still acts up.He says to just keep filling it and change out the tank because it is leaking allowing the pressure to act up. Anyway, on my way outta here to try to take out the thermostat to test as suggested and will update you guys soon as I know what's up. Wish us luck!

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