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There are a couple other guys from another forum that signed up there.

Dennis "imdji" 1981 300D "Betty" , Monrovia
Rich "Rollguy" 1982 300CD Hesperia
Jordan Beige 1970 220D "The 220"
Keith "Whopner" Blue 300D Hesperia
Charlie "Chadahar" 1984 Euro 500SEC Leona Valley
Jim B.
Paul S. (suginami) 2001 E430 Phillips Ranch
Buzz dieselchatter 1990 350SDL
Michael (Mclare) 1991 560 SEC Lancaster
Mapearso (SEC) Los Angeles
1986 Euro 500SEC "RUF" 9:1CR, "Rose"
1985 Euro 500SEC Cabriolet AMG Widebody
1982 Euro 500SEL "Blue"
2001 Texas Heeler (Aussie/Queensland X) "Sulphie",
2012 Queensland Red Heeler "Squeak"
Best dogs I've ever had.

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