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'85 500SEL Brake LockUp

I'm a new MB owner of above car and not a mechanic! Just bought the car, spent $700 on tuneup, front wheel bearings, and all new belts. Mechanic said the brakes looked fine, they didn't squeal before I brought him the car. If anything, they sounded a little "rusty", like the car had been sitting around for a year (which it did). Brakes then started to squeal off and on, somewhat embarrassing, seemed only when other people were around. But today! Out of nowhere, the brakes seemed to lock up, and the car bucks and jerks, tires skid, and this is only 5-15 mph. The ABS light is not on, neither is the parking brake. Brakes are ok going in reverse. In fact, that's how I got home ok, by driving in reverse. I'm not going to sleep well tonight. Can anyone give me any ideas on what's going on? I wanted to ask the mechanic to change the brake fluid, but forgot and don't know if he did or not. Thanks for your help. This forum is terrific.
1985 500SEL 96,000 miles.
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