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Originally posted by Chris17H
25mpg!! I wish!! I'd LOVE 20mpg, Thats highway right?
Actually that is a combination of city/highway. Highway is more like 26-27... Just out of curiosity how long have you owned the car? Has it always had bad fuel economy?

Originally posted by Chris17H
2. Where should i start looking for leaks? I know u should spray some liquid just to see bubbles, IF you can't tell...More like where is the air control valve...
Yes, that one way to do it, just make sure that it is a non-flammable liquid...or else you might not have to worry about bad gas mileage ever again! A better way (I feel anyway) is to stick a piece of tubing in your ear and with the other end listen where the vacuum lines interconnect. You should hear a whooshing sound as you get close to the leak. The noise will get louder or softer depending if the end of the hose is getting nearer or farther from the source of the leak.

The idle control valve is located under the air cleaner assembly. To get access you must remove the three bolts holding the air cleaner assembly to the engine. There should be two 10mm bolts located near the cylinder head and on the opposite side there is a third located perpendicular to the ground. It's hidden so you'll have to look carefully. After that remove the vacuum hose on the top of the air cleaner and air intake and lift it off the engine. The idle air control valve is located in front of the distributor and looks like this:

Mine wasn't acually split at the valve itself but underneath the manifold... Again this fixed it for me but your problem may be entirely different. You might want to get a tech to diagnose it for $50 rather than spend $500 in parts only to find out that you've replaced all the wrong parts. But if you're a die-hard do it yourselfer I'd start with the vacuum system and work our way up. Just a thought.

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