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Does the condition exist when the car is warmed up? It is typical for the moisture in normal exhaust, when the car is not warmed up and the cat is cold, to become visible white puffs that evaporate again in relatively short order. The higher the humidity the more visible the vapor coming out with the exhaust as water vapor is a major constituent of exhaust in a well running machine. If the water vapor is cooled by the ambient air enough to increase the relative humidity to near 100%, you see a cloud or puff of white looking stuff hanging around the exhaust pipe.

As the cat heats up, and the exhaust pipe and muffler heat up, the hotter exhaust keeps the relative humidity around the exhaust pipe opening lower, as it heats the ambient air enough to lower its relative humidity enough to keep the exhaust water vapor from becoming visible. When the car is moving the relatively small volume of exhaust mixes with the relatively large volume of ambient air, making the contribution of water vapor from the exhaust very minor, and it does not remain visible. Unless the ambient air is near or at 100% relative humidity, in which case the exhaust plume is visible even when the engine is warm. In my experience, these are not signs of head gasket leaks or any other impending doom. They are normal. If you see that you are consuming coolant, that is another story. Loss of coolant is always a concern, as if it is just leaking, leaks rarely get better on their own, and usually lead to a complete failure of a hose, connection or water pump seal that will incapacitate the vehicle. If it is being sucked into the combustion chamber, it can cause other problems. But water vapor at the tailpipe when the engine is cold is not necessarily a sign of coolant running through the engine combustion path. Good Luck, Jim
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