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I have many problems with my '94 E420. I will start with the intermittent problems that can happen between startings or in the middle of a Sunday drive. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

- Automatic window down switch for the driver and front passenger
-Air recirculation switch
-Rear defrost
-Idle speed accuator
-Sunroof auto close
-SRS light
-Lights behind the AC cluster

I also seem to burn through tail lamps at an alarming rate. Sometimes the car will forget that there is someone depressing the gas peddle and just lose power until I can deliver a power surge. I can do this by flashing the high beams or cycling the AC motor. The check engine light is always illuminated. I have had the codes pulled, but with differing results each time. I am sad to say the mechanics seem to use their computer more than their brains.

There seems to be no pattern to this mayhem.

Please email me at if you have advice or a solution other buying a new car.

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