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Angry my #$*%@$ car

I am handing my car over to the tech for a fix up in mid-june when Im out of the country on a vacation. But till then... I hope my car will make it.

I might have posted a while back that my car stalls on right turns.. it has stopped doing that for a while till recently. Also, the tempreture has increased to about 90*F according to the car temp indicator. After driving around the city for a while, the car makes a humming sound from the back and shortly there after making a right turn, it stalls and I need to stop my car in the middle of a big street

I have also noticed that the indicator for low oil lights up. However it lights up after some time. Then when I stop the car at a light, the indicator dissappears. Can I just stop by a gas station, pick up a bottle of 10w40 oil and pour it in? or what?

When I finally arrived home, I was curious as to where the humming sound is coming from. So I park the car, leave the car running and take a look from the back. I noticed the sound comes from the back right side, behind the wheel. There are 2 cylinder shape things stacked one on top of the other with cables coming out of it. I am presuming thats the "fuel pump"? Well.. thats where the sound is coming from.

I should also note that right when I feel the car is about to stall.. I floor the car and sometimes that prevents it from stalling. However... in the process, the car goes through a series of jerks and looks like its having a hard time taking fuel in? I recently put premium gas from Speedway as I always do.. but not sure if that did anything.

So basically... is there anything I could do by myself till I turn the car over? Im sort of pissed at my car.. but I still love it.
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