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Well I think that you have hit on the problem. Coolant level remains steady, temp seems to remain at 80-85 even on the hot days we have been geting here in Mississippi. Goes up to about 100 if in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic but comes right back down when traffic thins out. I have payed close attention and I see the small puff of white smoke usually in the morning or after the car has sat for a good while.

I recently took it on a short trip, couple hundred miles, and checked constantly for any leaks at all and found none. I will continue to check and I have a scheduled maintenance coming up. By the way, I sheduled it with the Mercedes dealer who originally sold the car and did it through the Mercedes website and called them and they offered to do a 130 something point check along with the maintenance at no additional charge. They were actually very nice and impressed that I was going to drive it to Florida to have this done. They told me just before I bought the car that they had done maintenance on it since it was new in 1991 and told me they would review all the records and so I decided to drive there (about 120 miles) and take a look.

Thanks so much for all the replies, I think I was very lucky to find the discussion board and particpate in it.
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