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Walter Hartheimer
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I can definitely wait for you to check at work. I was going to have my mechanic replace the OVR Monday. My car has 90K miles and it's probably a good thing to do in any event, but it probably won't fix the ASR problem. I'll mention the wiring harness to him and see what he thinks.

I don't really know what the HFM (engine control module) or DM (diagnostic module) are but I'll mention them to the tech as well.

The complete details of the test they did are:

Code: 17,18
Test Connection: N3/1
- +
L--( <--- Ohms --> )--H

Test Condition: Ignition: OFF
Remove contact module or N3/1 and measure resistance directly at CAN connector for LH-SFI control module

Nominal Value: 115-125 Ohms

Possible Cause/Remedy:
Data line,DI control module (*N1/3)

There is a footnote: The DTC "18" can be displayed on vehicles up to 7/91 even if no fault exists.

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