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Well give me a big "F" for that mess! I'll try and use text this time.

#6 is in lower left corner
#2 is just above # 6 and slightly to the right
#4 is just above # 2 and also more to the right
#1 is more to the right of #4 - across the way
#5 is just below #1 and more to the right
#3 is in the lower right hand corner.

Left and right designations are made as seen from the front of car.

The fun part is getting all six wires in the wire strips so that the lower and upper end of the wire strips will connect correctly. This is more of a cosmetic issue.

If you changed/regapped plugs, you may have accidently "bumped" one of the electrodes upon reinstallion. I did this once and had a lousy idle and a miss once underway.

Sorry for the lousy sketch.
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