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Yes I know these post are hated, now. I committed the cardinal newbie error and did not thouroughly do my search.

However, I hoped that my question was a little more specific and you answered quite nicely and thank you. I basically want to know what concerns, if any, if I change the car to a Synthetic Oil and if I could just change to it if I wanted or did I need to follow some procedure to complete a changeover to synthetic. This was prompted by a discussion with my brother in law who works at a Chevron refinery and he talked to me about Synthetic oil when he saw my new, to me, 560SEL. Of course he talked over my head about oil but the gist was the rate of breakdown of regular oil vs. synthetic and the fact that he thought that the changes could be made a little less frequently with synthetic oil and this would negate the price difference.

I am having no problems with the car now and lord knows I don't want any! But wanted to treat it the best I could. So I would still like replies as to synthetic vs. regular but recognize that a discussion of brands may end up being the bulk of this trhead.
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