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I just cut my parents loose in the 92 300te, after I rebuilt the trans for a godawful noise in reverse. (b3 piston rubbing k2), pulled the head and had it completely redone, replaced the timing chain, guides, tensioner insert and bearing bracket.

Not bad for 166k.

I'd go ahead and built the tranny in the sel


This is a .3, unless you killed a hard part we get about 1300.00 to overhaul these.

I was a mazda master tech for several years prior to returning to the german line up 4 years ago and I'll say this. The .3, .4 and .5 Benz trannys are tough as hell. Compared to 90% of what else is out there they are damn near bulletproof. I remember replacing la4els at 50k, Toyota ecats at 75k, 700r4's at 30k and AOD's and AXOD's at 40k. Imagine buying a 97 626 L4 for 20K and having to spend 2500.00 to replace the trans less than 5k out of warrenty! At least you can fiz the Benz units unlike most of the Jatco and domestic unit they dont totally self destrust.

Odds are you burnt up k1, k2 and b1 running it low. I'd pull it, shell it and check it, I'd almost put money on the thing only needed a front pump bushing beyond a soft kit with fibers and maybe b1 band.

Suginami, what body car do you have again?

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