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This testing I did with my car was over the course of several months. Going back and forth between the Mercedes coolant and the Dex-Cool. The only thing that stayed constant was the 40/60 ratio mix. At one point I tried the water wetter with the Mercedes coolant and couldn't tell a difference.

One more thing that I observed is when I was using the Mercedes coolant, and stopped into a store for a few minutes, when I started the engine back up the temp. would soar. For some reason it doesn't do that using the Dex-Cool. I'm not sure why, but is seems that the Dex-Cool transfers heat better.

These were all just personal observations that I came up with hoping to help others that may be experiencing cooling problems with their cars or are tired of seeing temps. in the low hundreds. It might not help everyone but it sure did me.

Thanks for the replies and comments gentlemen.

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