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Ever since I sold my 70 Camaro with a blueprinted 500 Hp 4 bolt main 427 c.i. with TRW forged pistons, etc, etc, which incidentally would run circles around ANY car I EVER came against, I have not been interested in drag racing on the street. After years of beating everyone, I lost interest. What I think the 850 is really is a German Ferrari if the Italians could build one, which they can't. I had a Ferrari Daytona until it was stolen behind my wife's restaurant. That car wasn't bad. I want a car that is HEAVY, the heavier the better. I would have bought one of those slab jobs(500sel) that weigh 5000 lbs, until I found out about all their problems. Recently I saw a one million dollar McLaren being tested here in AZ(That car BTW has a BMWV12 with about 600HP). Why did they choose that engine? Doesn't McClaren have a clue about what goes and works? When I lived in La Jolla CA, the local Rolls dealer wanted to sell me a Rolls with that same engine in it. The reason for the 6 speed is to not have to put up with a German Auto. Also 6 gear is OD. All my friends in Phoenix have to replace either the 740 V8 or auto trans or both at 80K. What does that say about reliability? BTW, why does your head tech drive a 850 if they are so bad? I say he has class!! Woody
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