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Where's my expansion valve? / '84 190e AC Issues

I was topping off my AC with some r-12 and everything was going fine. I had about 25psi on the low side a bit over 200psi on the high side. Then the clutch on the compressor started clicking and when the clutch was engaged the compressor was having a hard time turning. Then WHAM! the relief valve on the receiver drier poped and spit all my freon and color dye (to spot leaks) onto the low pressure valve, and the car stalled. Now when the ac is turned on, (with the low pressure switch bridged) the car stalls.

So, I will replace the compressor and the receiver/drier for a fresh beginning. I should change the expansion vavle too , but I'm not sure where it is on the w201. I know its near the heater core, but is it inside the car? Hard to get? How many hours?

Thanks folks.
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