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What preventive maintainance for $1K?

Ok, I posted in the general section about a potential 91 W124 I might be purchasing soon, so won't go into details here. I am thinking, to drop some money into it on things that will probably go wrong, or just wear and tear items. 70K miles-one owner

Need a memory refresher; its been a while since I was on here and did a search of the archives. I am at work now so can't spend too much time searching .

I know about the head gasket deal...... That can wait till it happens. Timing chain- too soon likely at 70K miles. Radiator - Just go ahead and change it if the original with the plastic neck? ( I am in south florida and so it is very hot!). Hmm.... those are the only major things I remember that could go wrong with the M103, right?

What about fuel pump, water pump, fuel regulator? Guess, I want to make the usual wear and tear items (as much as I can) problem free.....would not want to wait until I break down on the side of the road and / or on a date with one of these items, for example. Any a/c parts to change for now?

Seems $1K would cover a few of these items maybe. I would be doing most of the work on these things, so would only pay for the parts.

I am going to have the car checked prior to buying so ball joints and other things might show up, I know.


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