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Good morning guys! So, this is all starting from Friday...went to buddy's shop and of course when I got there all we could see wrong was the neck on the expansion tank leaking in which I just filled up again and planned on just changing it out and taking it back to the shop today for them to check her out (I didn't want to keep him there late because they had a load of "paying" customers and the weekend rush hour,etc). After letting her sit for a while as we chatted, I was able to top her up a little bit (mind you it did NOT overheat but probably went up to about 89-90 in 95 degree weather in stop and go traffic).

He gave me four containers of water (just in case) and I took her home when the traffic died down (again, she didn't overheat per se but was higher than normal). Stopped at Pep boys and picked up some water wetter, some new hoses and headed out to change out hoses, thermostat and expansion tank. After changing out the tank, I disconnected the top radiator hose and just ran the garden hose water flowing straight into the housing near the thermostat until the water run back out of the radiator.

I then proceeded with the heater blasting to just keep the water running until it was indicative of a "flowing" system and then replaced the hose to the radiator. I pressed the hose for what seemed like an eternity to get air out of it (which my buddy says they've also had to do on occassion) until she actually made a "burping" sound and I then topped her up again and also added the water wetter to the system to see what would happen (mind you, I didn't replace the thermostat yet).

Test drove on the highway and back and she ran fine at 80-85 at midnight and 67 with NO traffic. Yesterday, I took her out again
but this time I ran her in stop and go traffic and also on the highway (and it was on the hottest day of the year so far at 100 + degrees!). She ran at a steady 82 and topped out at about 90 dropping back down to 82! So far so good but of course I've already ordered another fan clutch, and water pump just because...

I'm contemplating replacing my fan with "full time" electric fans and have been for a while. Since this last fiasco, I'm REALLY wanting to do this. Is there any particular brands of electric fans that are available for the 126? I'm also wondering if anyone has used this water wetter because it seems to be a pretty good product. SO FAR SHE "SEEMS" TO BE RUNNING FINE but of course I didn't drive her today (I have been neglecting one of my 250C's and I needed to wake her up)

Thanks again for coming thru fellas! I don't know if this saga is over yet because she's in the garage "resting" but will keep you abreast of my developments.

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