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124 CD description of oil pan gasket replacment

My oil pan is leaking and I need to replace the gasket. According to the MB CD, this isn't a very involved job, contrary to what I thought.

-- unbolt engine mounts
-- unplug oil sensor and pressure switch from sump
-- unbolt auto trans oil pipes from sump
-- remove steering damper
-- lift engine and remove sump downward toward the front

Is that all?? No mention of removing drive shaft or any exhaust components....

My lift method will be via floor jack at oil pan, and then using wood blocks at mounts to keep lifted. How far do I need to jack up to clear that crossmember? 3, 4 inches? Apparently it can't be too far if driveshaft and exhaust is kept in place.

TIA as always!


'91 300E, 212K miles
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