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Originally Posted by matthias08 View Post
Lokey MB finally made good.

I got my Evap replaced @ $0 this week. ice cold air, done properly

worth it to me...

now all I have to do is get the subaru to stop over heating by november && i'm good

I wouldn't label it a "bonehead" purchase
I got a clean, straight, southern 1 owner with service records, with moderate milage && every option I could want other than the CDC

it was worth the premium, I'm picky... and remember I detail cars for a living. must always be presentable.

I wouldn't label it a bonehead purchase really. You paid way too much, but you got a really really nice car in return. It is the folks that pay too much for a piece of junk that should have more regrets. At least you can walk up from behind that car and know that you own a Mercedes!!
Good to hear you got your evap replaced. That makes that car trouble free, in theory, for quite a while. Nice!!!
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