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You can tighten up those nets pretty easily. There's a how-to in the DIY part of this forum. Takes about ten minutes in all, including finding a number 1 screw driver.

Remove the two bottom screws at the bottom of the seat back.
Slide down the rear seat back cover.
Remove one of the top screws on either side of the net frame (only one).
Very carefully, pull away about 1/2 inch and "string" the top net cord tight.
Feed the extra length through the screw hole.
Re-attach the top frame screw, (being tight will secure the extra length).
Slip the rear seat back cover back into position on the seat.
Re-attach the two screws that secure the seat back.

That's all there is to it. But, the top cord no longer being "flexible", the net pockets are not worth using anymore. Who used those things anyway? Sure looks a lot better though.

Good luck selling your seats. They look nice. You might want to state if they are leather or MB-Tex. Also you might want to state if they are electrically adjustable or manual. Can't tell for sure from your cell phone pictures, unless only the manual seats have the incline knob in the center. If they were leather and manual, and you were on the west coast, and they are Palomino color...I'd take them in a heartbeat.

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