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Just a note on aluminum evaporator cores. You don't want one. ACM makes a fine product, but if you ever have to replace an evap. core use an aftermarket COPPER one(they all have alum. fins, though). This is one area where aftermarket is superior to dealer or OEM. The reason is that the PAG (particularly) and ester oils used with R134a absorb moisture that forms HCl in the system. Pinhole leaks in an aluminum (reactive with HCl forms AlCl2) core are the result. This is why the failure mode for many newer cars A/C is leakage at evaporator. A/C warranty on many new cars is now limited to one year , because of this. Copper, oddly enough is non-reactive with 6 molar HCl. Even if you are using R12 with mineral oil, it's wise to plan ahead for possible conversion. Four Seasons, Murray, and their two sister companies (under one corporate banner) sell junk compressors but decent evaporators (Cu). Hint: always pressure test a new A/C component for leakage PRIOR to installation. (guess how I know)
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