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Dirty Ern
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You beat me to it!

I was going to start a thread tonight on the exact same subject. Last Friday on a 750 mile cruise to my Moms, I wasn't even half way there and pulled into a Mobil (not a regular for me) to fill up. On the way into the island my grandson said " there's the green one that you use". I swiped my card, grabbed the green nozzel and started pumping. I just happened to look at the LCD and noticed the price was $1.69 and not the $1.59 that the sign on the street said, and just below the price it said "Regular". BAMB! I let go and much to my delight I had only pumped a hair over 0.1 (one tenth) of a gallon. The delight cancelled out any chance of any angry. I told the lady that worked there, who just happeded to be out at the pumps putting up some new advertisements. She told me that just the other day a guy filled up a U-Haul, she told him not to start it.....he did.......he got towed off...
I'm always on my wife for not reading lables at the store...nuff said.
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