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Well guys, i took it out and drove it and nothing happened. I don't remember the smell, i have only had a smoking engine once before, and that was with our 300SEL, and it was 10x worse. You could barely see the car in the smoke, and it was because a water hose broke or something along those lines and the engine horribly overheated. Well, i don't think I have a broken hose, but re-reading the temperature gauge, i noticed that the temperature when it was smoking was alot higher than i thought it was. It was probably around 110. And from what I understand, that is overheating temperature. So I imagine that the engine was just overheated. I did not drive it hard or rag on it, I guess maybe low oil contributed. I'm going to have to keep an eye on it. BTW, i remember reading somewhere about a guy who made a chip that turns your aux fans on sooner to keep the engine from overheating. I believe he made it for his 600SL or S600 or something along those lines. But he mentioned a mercedesshop discount in it. And i do remember reading that it was for a 500E also. I would like to check it out again, anyone have the link?
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