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Steve is being way too kind to you. Blackmercedes has many good points and euro287 is right on. I would never install owner supplied parts for several reasons. The first reason was covered by the restaurant scenario. Reason #2 deals with warrantee. Reason #3 deals with you brought the wrong parts, and now I have a dead car in my shop until you can fit it into your schedule to bring the right parts.

Getting back to your statement about making only $500 per real estate transaction, before I decided real estate wasn't my thing I sold real estate for a few years and had a California real estate license. I know that commissions run 6% to 7% here and I'm confident NY isn't much different. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Prices in NY can't be much higher than here in the Bay Area where a 750 sq ft shack goes for $300k. 6% of $300k is $18,000. Assuming you are not the listing agent and the selling agent, your office only receives $9,000. You,Joe, as the listing or selling agent receive a big chunk of $9,000. If you really only get $500, then there are only 2 possible scenarios; you are extremely naive or there is overhead. Now if your industry has costs that factor into your income, why can't you, as an intelligent individual, consider the costs of other industries.

On a final note I'd like to speak to the disrespect of professional mechanics everywhere. You ask us for help. You depend on us to keep you beloved vehicles on the road. If there were no professional mechanics, your machines would set by the side of the road.People sit, and objects set. I'm always willing to help the curious and concerned. I'm also willing to help those who enjoy mechanics. One of my passions is cooking, and I relish an opportunity to spend time with a chef. What I despise is cheap bastards. In the auto industry as well as dental, insurance,accounting, banking, legal and many others, there are those who overcharge and those who are incompetent. When you find a competent and trustworthy mechanic and ask him or her to do it cheaper, that is a slap in the face. What you are saying is; I don't think you are worth that much. I have all these wants, needs, and desires, and I can't be wasting my money on you. What if your boss got to thinking this person isn't worth that much and offered you a few bucks less per hour. If you take the cut, you know your value. If you don't you also know your value. Those of you who take your car in for service regularly may be charged top dollar for service, but what you may not know is that many times your service facility may spend many hours to correct an unusual problem at no cost to you because you are an appreciated client. Loyal clients always receive more than they pay for over time. Anyone else pays through the nose ala carte. As an example: my vet bills for 4 cats is astronomical, but if I have a sick cat on the weekend, my vet is there at no extra charge. I really appreciate her. Am I making my point here? Just like you expect to get paid for showing up to work, professional mechanics expect and deserve fair compensation. Joe, if you expect me to believe that several thousand dollars evaporates, where do you think a few hundred dollars goes?

Again Steve you are too kind,
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