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560SEL N3 pin outs

I am troublshooting a cold start problem and have encountered an inconsistency in my car vs. the mb service engine manual. N3 as stated in the docs should be a 25 pin connector (21 pins used) - but my car has a 30 pin connector and the pin outs do not have any logical relationship to the docs.
1) Has anyone else come accross this issue???
2) I aslo note in my car that the 750 ohm ref resistor for the EZL is integrated with the EZL (this is a 86 yr model) which from the service man was supposed to be outboard until 1988???
3) Can anyone tell me when and how the cold start injector is supposed to operate (eg temp range etc) and how the fuel pump relay turns the injector on???
Any help appreicated. TIA.
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